What makes an SEO campaign a big success?

Learn how to master the most important factor in an SEO campaign.

Who’d want bad results after spending a day or two(sometimes a month or so) in researching for a post? A top ranking post in SERPs owes big thanks to factor in SEO campaign that we will be discussing in a while.

An SEO campaign is nothing less than nurturing a sapling which will turn into a fruitful tree in years to come. It takes time, care and most importantly right resources to do so.

with Google Panda update of its algorithm since March 2011. What Google Panda did was a simple thing, it focused on user experience more than anything. A lot of sites were badly abused by Google Panda.

To brief this update I’d say Google Panda took control over what shows up in search results. This time it was some metrics that helped bring the best content on the top. The content that was built for search engines and not the users will be pulled down. The metrics included

  1. Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the number of times the user bounces back either by seeing just one page or right after coming in. If a site has high bounce rate, it would be significantly losing the traffic after this update. Reason being the fact that if users are leaving your site right after they jump in, it means they are not having an enjoyable experience on that site — hence Panda punishes.
  2. Browse Rate: Browse rate is the number of times a user browses through the other posts on a website. If the user is browsing through more of the articles posted on the website then it’s a good signal for the website and would eventually rank higher on SERPs.
  3. Click-through Rate: Click-through Rate is the ratio of the users who click on a link in SERPs to the number of people who saw it in SERPs and did not click. This was the most important metric of all. Even if a website ranked well on SERPs the CTR would take the baton ahead. If a user is not clicking on a particular search result often, or if a website has a poor click-through rate then it would drop in ranking drastically.
  4. Time on site: Time on site is the average time of all session on the website. More time the users spends, higher will be the rank of the website and higher will be goal completion percentage.

What is SEO Ranking?

SEO ranking is the position of your individual pages on SERPs for the searched keyword. Say you are a travel blogger and you recently wrote a post on your enchanting trip to Corsica, and you ended up using the term “Points of interest in Corsica” a couple of times.

So your post on Corsica ranks for the keyword “Points of interest in Corsica” and the position of your content in SERPs is your SEO Rank for that keyword. That’s how SEO works and this is .

So instead of spending time on “What makes a website search engine friendly?” Spend time on what users are looking for, rest the search engine will take care.

Which is the important factor in SEO Campaign?

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