Top-Rated Adsense Plugins for WordPress Websites in 2019

To many beginners, the first source to make money online is Google Adsense. It’s the easiest, most trusted and fruitful way to make money from your blog. Adsense has gone from strict to stricter when it comes to approving the applications for Adsense. However, if you get your application approved, you can easily integrate the Adsense code to run the ads on your wordpress blog and reap benefits. Ads can be integrated either manually (which involves code) and by using Adsense plugins for WordPress.

If you are looking for reliable plugins for monetizing your blog, your search ends here. In this post, I will share some of the top-rated WordPress Adsense Plugins.

Considering the sensitiveness of the topic, I will touch the following points with beginners in mind.

  • What is Google Adsense?
  • Basic guidelines for getting your application approved
  • Adsense Plugins for WordPress

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is a great way to make money from your website/blog by running Google ads. Ads that advertisers create from Google Adwords appear on your blog depending on the selection made by the advertisers. The best part of this program is that it’s free and highly effective.

Furthermore, the architecture of Google targets ads depending on your visitor’s interests, browsing history which makes highly likely for them to act or respond to the ads presented to them. Google’s system intelligently reviews the ads and only place ads that are highly relevant to your audience. That’s why over 2 million people rely on Google Adsense and Google Adsense has paid nearly 10 billion till 2015. That makes Google Adsense most preferred monetizing source for beginner bloggers.

Benefits of Using Google Adsense

Apart from being absolutely free & globally preferred ad network system, here are some benefits you’ll reap while using Google Adsense on your blog.

High-Quality Ads: Google has a wide variety of ad formats including text, display, rich media, link units, responsive ads & matched content. These ad formats are specially designed to resonate with your target audience. This also creates a great user experience for your target audience.

Your Ad Space in Demand: Advertisers consistently bid for ad spaces to reach their target audience. This means more money and more ad spaces filled on your blog. More advertisers bidding for ad spaces from the Google Adwords dashboard means more ads appearing on your blog making a chance of your earning very high.

You Drive the Ads: You are in complete control of what type of ads run on your blog. You can even choose where the ads will be displayed, how the ads will look, what type of ad format run on your blog, block ads that you don’t like. You can even control the categories of ads that run on your blog.

Mobile Friendly: Doesn’t matter where your audience is, doesn’t matter what device your target audience uses, Google Ads will run like a charm everywhere on the plant and all devices. The responsive ad units will automatically adapt to different screen size. This will give a great user experience to the end users hence increasing your earnings.

Helpful Dashboard to Fix Things That Don’t Work: Once your application is approved, your Adsense dashboard will populate with data that will help you fix things that are obstructing your income. You can learn from the A\B tests Adsense Experiments lets you decide the which ads work better for you.

Basic Guidelines for Getting Your Adsense Application Approved

Insufficient/unacceptable content: Google Adsense is one of the oldest ad networks and almost every website that exists out there is running Google Adsense ads. Hence Google has made the approval process really very strict. You should have good quality and quantity of content before applying. If you don’t have content, Google Adsense application will be straightaway rejected. Google lays a lot of weight on grammar and spelling of the content. Since AdSense is one of the major sources of income for Google, no compromise on the quality of websites being approved for AdSense program. At least 30 good quality posts are must for a better chance of getting the application approved.

Page style and design of it: Imagine if Facebook had a yellow background with pink buttons and fluorescent text, would you even sign up, if not visit regularly? No right? That’s the importance of design. Have a design with clear and easy navigation. Google focuses a lot on adding value to the user, your design should be in line with this too.

Have information about the website: If you want to get your Google Adsense application approved, you must have certain pages. The about, privacy policy and contact page is must have. These pages tell users more about your website and hence establish trust. Not having these pages will make you suspicious in the eyes of Google. The privacy page is a ‘requirement’ for Google Adsense approval.

Google Adsense policies violation: While building content before applying for Google Adsense you should keep in mind that the content you build should not be stuffed by keywords and should be grammatically correct. Also, the traffic should be organic and not illegal sources. No plagiarism allowed and citation is a must.

Here’a guide that will help you understand everything you should & shouldn’t do before & after applying for Adsense.

Now that you know everything about Adsense, let me share a list of plugins that will make ad integration easier.

3 Adsense Plugins for WordPress to Integrate Google Adsense on Your Blog

#1 Advanced Ads — Ad Manager & AdSense

With over 100,000+ active installs, this plugin is the top-ranking Adsense plugin on wordpress. One of the oldest plugin to integrate Adsense ad code on your wordpress blog. This plugin is known among bloggers for the simplicity it has. Apart from this, there are a ton of other features the plugin serves, like

  • Google Adsense Partner
  • Supports Gutenberg block of ads
  • Supports all ad code types like Google Adsense, Google Ad Manager, Amazon Ads etc.
  • Most importantly, the plugin has top-rated support for free

#2 Adsense Plugin WP Quads

If you are an absolute beginner and have zero knowledge of coding, this is the best Adsense plugin out there. Supporting over hundreds of websites & bagging millions of page views every month, this plugin is the most preferred Adsense plugin by beginners.

It’s not too advance for anyone, it just gets your job done. Furthermore, if you are using AMP this plugin supports it so you don’t have to run separate ads on AMP version of your website. Download the plugin only from the official wordpress library to avoid any ill effects on both your Adsense account & wordpress blog.

#3 WordPress Ad Manager & Adsense Ads — Ad Inserter

I don’t recommend this plugin for beginners as it is too advance plugin to begin with. But still, it is an easy plugin to manage once you get hold of the advanced settings it provides. However, if you are not a coding head, I would encourage you to skip this plugin.

This is the most advanced plugin out there which is powerful enough to run any format of the ad anywhere on your blog(even in spaces not supported by your theme) that’s why this plugin is both difficult & very helpful at the time.

As the plugin owner says in the description, It’s all about the settings

The best part is, this plugin doesn’t limit to only inserting ads in spaces your theme doesn’t allow. You can also, insert opt-in forms, header scripts, ads for AMP version, JS, CSS-HTML, PHP, analytics and what not. But this involves a little bit of code.

So if you can teach yourself a little bit of coding, just enough to manage this plugin, you will be able to make a lot from this plugin and extend the functionality of your wordpress blog.


One important thing to note here is that none of these plugins will allow you to insert Adsense for Search on your blog. Basically, Adsense for search adds a search box on your blog where users can search for a specific article on your blog. On the search results page, Google Adsense will place ads which will be highly relevant to the search terms entered by the end user.

If you are okay with understanding basic coding, I’d recommend you to place the Adsense code manually. This will again give you the power to control where the ads will be displayed but to some extent. As the themes you use may not have widgets for the area you want your ads to display. You can find that out by simply navigating to dashboard “ Appearance “ Widgets. In this page, you can see all the widgets available for your theme.

It’s upon you to decide whether you wanna use a plugin just for placing ad on your blog and make the website slower or place it manually & do away with better control over ads placement. Let me know in the comment section below about your Adsense experience.

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Originally published at on April 4, 2019.

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