Top 7 skills you need to survive any phase of your career — Part one

In the world of competition, what is that one thing that helps you stand out from the rest others? What convinces the recruiter to understand that you are the perfect fit for the company? Or you’re an entrepreneur and what to establish yourself as a brand. How would you do that?

Sure, you have your idea and all the determination in the world to make it happen. But there’s one thing that differentiates you from other and others from you.

And it is nothing but, Skills.

Doesn’t matter which industry you are in, doesn’t matter which level you are operating at. If you are a skillful person, it is more likely for you to succeed in any career you choose.

In this post, I will be sharing 7 skills to succeed in any career you are into. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Skills you need to succeed in any career of your life

#1 Communication

Since the human evolution, the communication skill that has been the companion of humans of all ages. Not only humans, even other living being have a communication system that keeps things going in their own respective ways. We, being the social animal and civilized species on the planet, it becomes really important to communicate well in order to get things done.

Furthermore, when it comes to careers in this era of internet, communicating your idea and thoughts is really important. If you don’t deliver your thoughts and ideas to respective person rightly, what are the chances of your success? Very thin.

So it is very important to draft your talk. Here are some tips that should help you sharpen this skill

  1. You can prepare a script if it’s really important to you.
  2. Be as short & simple as possible, but make sure you’re effective.
  3. Use sarcasm and deliver your idea in it
  4. Personify as and where possible

Remember the launch of the iPhone? I love steve jobs for this presentation. If you closely look at the video below, you’ll notice all the tips aforementioned.

#2 Organizing skills

When it comes to leadership, organizing skills is really important. Be it a meeting or a simple get together. Either way, your organizing skills is going to make or break your team. Furthermore, if you are a solopreneur organizing skill is even more valuable. You gotta be super organized in order to not waste time on unnecessary things and do only what’s important at any given moment.

Furthermore, if you are working online as a freelancer or similar, there is a very high chance of responding to emails and/or receiving them. On average, we spend 20% of our time reading and replying to emails. You cannot afford to lose more because you are consumed in reading & replying emails.

#Pro tips

  1. Plan your work prior to beginning it
  2. Create folders to segregate emails
  3. Use lists to plan your day. Include each and every activity you need to spend time on.
  4. Do not miss deadlines. Use a calendar app to remember dates/deadlines.
  5. Keep your workspace clean and tidy. Don’t make you look busy to yourself.

If you happen to be on the other extreme end of being organized, it’s going to make suffer initially but once you settle down with it, you’ll see good results.

#3 Learn new skills

Skills are like money, more the better. Once you’re into something regular you feel you’re done with learning. I’m sorry to say, you’re wrong. The real test begins when you’re out in the world and deal with competition, the real competition.

The world is changing every day and you cannot sit around with what you already know. Give learning a greater part of your life and you will get great life in return. Depending on the niche or industry you are in, skills would vary. Look out for the in-demand skills in your industry and learn it as fast as you can. Get certificates of those skills if available.

#Pro Tips:

  • Use Udemy, Coursera, edx & Skillshare to find and learn new skills.
  • Apart from this, learn something that nurtures your creativity or anything that makes you ‘think’.

If you are looking for a long lasting career or a business of your own, you will need to keep upgrading yourself. That’s the only way you can survive the ever changing world of internet.

#4 Sales


One of the most important metric every business owner would love to have at a great height on a graph. Who doesn’t love sales? I mean that’s the reason why all businessperson works day in day out and churn out every cell of their brain to put up the best in front of their potential customers.

But why should you bother if you are not a business owner and all you gotta do is work from 9–5 and leave for the day? Well, what if I tell you, the company sells the product(s) or service(s) which you are responsible for. Indirectly, you are the product or the service that your boss or employer offers to its customers.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner and sell your product or service online sales is one of the most important skills that you need to master.

Communication plays a major part in convincing your potential customer that why they need your product/service and why you’re the best who can provide that product/service.

Robert Kiyosaki said in an interview on his best selling book, Rich dad poor dad “I may not be good at writing, I may not be pro at English grammar, but I know how to sell things”. The most important element to be good at sales is understanding the customer’s need. How’d you get that? By asking questions.

#Pro Tips:

  • Ask as many questions as you can to understand one thing that would be just right to pitch your product or service. Once you do that, you will the bid and makes easy sales. Just tap into that one question, answer of which is the key to your success at sales.
  • Keep track of what works best for a specific group of customers and target them only with that product/service.
  • Learn from your competition. How they market their product. Your product should serve a purpose to be good at sales.

You cannot force your customers to buy your product/service, but you can always convince them why you’re the best in this business. Be real and the best, that should suffice.

#5 Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are a great source of energy to do things that pure intelligence is incapable of doing. For example, studies have shown that your energy increases by 80% when you’re angry. Learning to channel your emotions just at the time and amount, you can only imagine the wonders it would do. Slow down your brain while in public and take a moment before you comment and/or ask a question.

If you have a say, pile it in between a compliment or two. You cannot afford to be a critic if you cannot appreciate the good. Trust me, there’s always something good in everything. You just need to be observant enough. One of the most important super-power of this incredible skill is to notice your own mistake. Your instincts when you’re wrong. Admit, when you’re wrong it will save you a lot of time. Nobody is perfect and it’s okay to go wrong, you’ll learn that way.

#Pro Tips:

  1. Be polite if you are giving feedback or taking it. Don’t mind rude or mean people and focus on the right ones.
  2. Don’t be ashamed to face critics. Either their right or you don’t want to improve.
  3. Control the way you emote your thoughts. Doesn’t matter whom are you talking to, unless and until it is helping you improve.

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#6 Flexibility

You are into something really important and then suddenly something even more important comes up. What do you do? Helplessly or actively, you do it. But for a second think if you mitigate that unannounced task that has shown up. If you can delegate it to someone else it can you some time.

Managing ad-hoc tasks that come up is a really important factor to grow as a leader in any career. This tests your time management skills. If something like this shows up, you should be able to frame the timeline for that and come back to where you left.

#Pro Tips:

  1. Cut your usage of phones to avoid unwelcomed appearances of tasks that take up your time and attention.
  2. Have someone as a buffer for doing such tasks. If you have no one, have some buffer time instead.
  3. Prioritize tasks based on delivery date. This way you should be able to phase out of such dilemmatic situations.

Your time is really important. Sure, at times you will need to switch focus from current task to more important one. But that’s the flexibility that makes you the game changer. Isn’t it?

#7 Not missing deadlines

“To be on time is to be late. To be early is to be on time”

Not just a saying, but a really important lesson to keep up with time. Time is precious, something that’ll never reverse. And one of the most common thing almost any successful person in any space has is not missing deadlines. It would take a lot of time to plan your commitments but it’s all worth it.

If you are a businessperson who can afford a team to plan this stuff, then well and good. If not, do it yourself. Doesn’t matter where you are working, if you show up on time, you are going to leave a great impression of yours. Keeping up with deadlines or commitments is an integral part of any successful career and is one of the most important skills you should have.

Delivering something? Charge up all your team member to put in their best and you be the best of all.

#Pro Tips:

  1. Never delay responding to important emails. It hardly takes a minute or two to respond.
  2. Keep up with the meetings you have scheduled. Be there early and take charge. That’s how you go.
  3. Plan the whole task and divide the whole task and finish the bigger and more complex ones first.

Time is a crucial thing, be very choosy about where you spend it. Furthermore, managing time is a gem of all skills. If you master it, all others will be taken care.

What skills have been a game-changing factor in your career?

Let me know in the comment section below. Furthermore, I’m sure you find this post informative. Therefore, I would love to see you share it with your social network friends and family and help them be better at what they are.

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