SEO 2019: What am I focusing on in 2019? It’s not only “backlinks & voice search”

Untapped SEO trend & how to nail it throughout this year

Welcoming 2019 was never this pleasant. Day one of the year and here I am, drafting post for you with year long SEO trends in mind. The experts have already shared a lot of meaningful content and I have learned a lot from them. But one thing that I found missing a channel that so personal that you can convert exponentially better in terms of prospects, revenue and traffic.

If you are a absolute beginner, this guide will be a great kickstart for your blogging career. Furthermore, if you are looking to sharpen your arsenal so that you can project your target ever further, this guide will be both controversial and eye opening.

If you are a person who loves to understand different opinion, let’s dive in right away.

Considering the betterment of the community and beginners who want to up their game with SEO tips & tricks, I will begin by explain a bit about Search Engine Optimization and then the SEO trends shall follow.

This is for absolute beginners. Pay attention.

When I started out my blogging career, I had no idea what Search Engine Optimization is. Later when I started researching on questions like “How to get traffic to my blog?” I learned about SEO and various ways to bring eye balls to my blogs.

With that said, let me shed some light on search engine optimization.

You already know Google is a search engine. Google simply eases your search by sharing relevant search results. The search engine giant is simply a database that retrives relevant search results for your search query. Google is the largest search engine and by stats, Google processes around 72k search per second with translates to 4 billion searches a day.

If this is the number of searches happening per day, imagine the number of relevant search results Google has in store. Ranking that huge number of search results needs a really smart & powerful algorithm. If you can understand the algorithm, you can easily rank your content higher on search engine page results.

Higher the rank of your webpage, higher is the traffic to your blog. When was the last time you clicked on page 2? Hardly once right? Same thing goes to other users too. No one clicks on page 2 to find relevant results. SO your primary goal is to rank on page one, especially in top 3 position. Top 3 position gets 74% of the clicks which makes ranking top 3 even more tough.

Anything you do to rank your webpage in top 3 positions is called search engine optimization. However, there are globally approved practices that are called White Hat SEO. Furthermore, there are some ill practices that a bunch of people do which are not approved by search engines and global leaders, which is called Black Hat SEO.

Basically, Search Engine Optimization is ways to gain visibility from the search engine so that you can serve your content in front of millions of eyes.

SEO is very very vast topic to cover under one section. I will keep this very brief, and focus on that one tactic I’ve fallen in love with.

SEO Trend for 2019: The Untapped Channel That’s Of Utmost Importance

I’ve been into digital marketing for quite a long time now, just enough to predict the future SEO trend. Lately but surely, I have realized that one channel that has gone unsung for years is Email Marketing. For those who’re already doing, should know this and those who’re not aware, I have beginner guides to get you started on Email Marketing and some more beginner friendly guides on the same topic that a beginner cannot afford to miss.

Sure, the top SEO trends from the experts include voice search optimization & backlinks. But Email Marketing is one such channel that has no lower bounds for beginners. Voice Search Optimization & Backlinks requires a lot of tools and time to make it fruitful. But Email Marketing requires just one tool like GetResponse, Aweber, & MailChimp. These are email marketing software that help to create email marketing campaigns with such an ease.

Managing it is very beginner-friendly and smooth. You don’t have to get into any code space and screw things up in the campaign. You click a few buttons & you’re on fliar to pitch your list members.

To make you feel confident, let me throw some number at you,

With these number in mind, let me tell you,

Why Email Marketing is Important in 2019?

Did you know for every dollar you invest on email marketing, you get an ROI of $44? Forget ROI, what I’m going to tell you in this post will not only create a disbilief on the existing SEO Trends, but also make you put extra efforts into email marketing.

I have a theory.

Email Marketing helps a lot in SEO campaings. Though indirectly, but who cares? You end goal is to rank higher in the SERPs, which email marketing can do like a pro.

You’ve already seen the stats in the previous section, which are convincing enough to stay in favor of email marketing. But here I am going to share some tips that will help you nail your email marketing campaign. But before that, I would like you to share what makes me believe that email marketing is one of the most important channel and is my favourite SEO trend for 2019.

Why Email Marketing is the Top SEO Trend for 2019?

Out of all the SEO Trends mentioned & discussed by industry leaders, like Brian Dean & Neil Patel, not a single SEO Trend has the power to boost every aspect of digital marketing. Email Marketing is the only SEO Trend that leaves its marks on every aspects that matters in digital marketing. In fact, email marketing is capable of taking care of multiple ranking signals out of 200 factors that Google uses to rank your webpages.

That being said, here are some ways that email marketing can help you up your SEO game:

  1. Lesser Bounce Rates
  2. Boosts Social Engagement
  3. Helps remarket your content to the highly targeted audience
  4. Helps you hook your audience to the content they’re looking for
  5. Call to actions in the email marketing campaigns helps you boost your conversions.
  6. Your content gets multiple lives

If you don’t already know it, these 6 ways are actually signals that Google (or any search engine for that matter) uses to ranks your content.

Depending on your target audience & medium there can be other factors that are positively affected because of email marketing. But, these 6 are the most important & influential ways email marketing for SEO.

Does this make you excited and curious about email marketing? Well, i’m gonna make you even more excited by sharing 7 tips you can use to leverage this channel to market your content in 2019 apart from all the SEO trends mentioned by the industry leaders.

7 tricks to nail your email marketing campaings in 2019

Irrespective of the niche you are into, email marketing is going to be the second most reliable channel to achieve your business goals from. With a potential to increase engagement, ROI, conversions, & traffic email marketing stays the unsung hero of the digital marketing universe.

The best part?

It’s super cheap, & sometimes free to begin with email marketing. There’s a reason why giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google etc are behind your email id. In fact, Facebook grew from a startup to what it is today by sending an invitation to everyone in your contact if you sign up facebook, obviously without letting you know.

Realize how valuable an email id is now?

Let’s the real chunk of this post.

Trick #7: Segment & Target Your Automatic Email Marketing Campaigns

According to HubSpot, 58% of all the earnings from email marketing are because of segmented & targeted email campaings. Almost all top email marketing softwares have segmentation feature. You can segment the email campaigns in a way that it reaches only a certain group of people depending on the criteria you set.

For example, you can send a particular email or series of emails to a new subscriber which the whole list will not receive. You set the criteria & you nail your campaigns every time.

I’ll tell you a real life experience.

I was looking for a laptop on amazon. I browsed through a couple of options on amazon and closed the tab. A few hours later, I get an email from amazon with subject line “We noticed you are looking for laptops, here are hand-picked ones for you”

I immediately opened that email and found the laptop I liked most but with lesser price. This didn't hit nice to me. I ignored that email and next week I got another email with same subject line and same recommendations. This time, the price was even lesser.

My point is, amazon had me in segmented group and according to the products I browse. These emails actually made me reconsider the laptops I chose to buy. But I did not buy, that’s a different story.

These emails manipulating me to buy is the point I want to bring in here. Now you know what you should be doing.

Trick #6: Create Interactive Emails

What impression you have of emails that are plain, text-only and cold email body? Spam right? Same thing happens to your emails too, though you don’t use spam trigger words much but the look and feel of the email body may land your emails in spam folder.

If your emails are not interactive, even segmenting will not result in better results. The open rates would fall, the ROI, conversions, traffic, everything will be at stake. If you can afford, hire a email designer or use templates available for paid plans in Aweber or GetResponse. I’d chose the later option, considering the learning opportunities, pocket-friendliness & control over the content you create.

While everyone is sending same cold plain emails of advertisement, create something that would not only bring your subscriber’s attention but also bring them to your blog/website and convert. Even today, I receive so many emails from industry leaders that are sending plain emails,(though the content is top-notch) that I don’t even find attractive to read.

Now, here’s another look to this case. Experts have their say that most people prefer plain text emails over HTML style emails. Basically, some people prefer plain text only emails as it feels more personal and anti-sales. There’s a mixture of the two, how would you determine? Add a checkbox in your sign up campaign asking their preference.

Segment your email campaigns accordingly and send same emails as plain text-only prefering subscribers & to HTML style prefering subscribers. Use CTAs, GIFs, HD Images, videos, appealing content or whatever you can think of your subscribers will interact with.

It’s that easy.

Trick #5: Storytell Your Pitches

This is a cliche, traditional & orthodox trick. If you are closely watching the industry leaders in their blog posts, videos, podcasts, you’ll notice one thing in their content.


This tricks has been running in marketers since ages. Storytelling is something that has kept the human civilization hooked to books. Storytelling can help you keep your subscriber’s eye balls glued to your emails and then the landing pages.

You can only imagine how well storytelling resonates with the right audience. Conversion rate is so damn high that you’d not consider anything else than. Storytelling can manipulate the buyer’s persona and convince them why your product or service is better than anything else.

Storytelling is marketer’s weapon which salesperson do not know to operate. If you are doing content marketing for your product or service, you should using storytelling to consult people whose problem you are solving by your products or service. You are a problem solver and not a salesperson.

If you want your content to resonate, storytelling is the key to keep people hooked.

Trick #4: Mobile First

Since the mobile era begun, everyone is talking about mobile first. Even Google has shifted it’s focus on mobile screens. Thanks to Android and iOS devices, we have 8 seconds attention span but we had 12 seconds attention span before mobile era. If your email isn’t mobile friendly, it would take just a second for the end user to quit your email and ruin your efforts.

Stats say that an email is viewed on mobile before it’s viewed on a computer. Over 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Furthermore, 23% of these emails will be opened again. This gives you around 65.19% chances to pitch your content.

Considering you’ve implemented all the above mentioned tricks in your email campaigns, imagine the ROI, conversions, traffic, purchases and what not.

Let’s do some math

You have 100,000 subscribers and you are pitching a product worth $5. Even if 10% convert, you’d make $50,000 every time you pitch that content. Do you think that 65.19% chance is worth taking? Investing around $20 a month is worth?

I can see, now you’re taking email marketing seriously.

Trick #3: User Privacy

Remember I mentioned how facebook grew? That’s not cool anymore, even the subscribers are aware of their privacy now. Therefore, user privacy shouldn't be take lightly anymore. If you are going to focus on email marketing, work on user privacy before everything else. If companies like Google & Facebook can be testified for user privacy what chance do we stand?

Pay attention to acts like GDPR and check if it’s going to affect your audience. Also, you can have a set of privacy policy pre-written on your website/blog and place link in the emails you send out. This will keep you on a safer side of the game. Depending on the demographics of your audience, you might have to update or make changes to the policies you have for your users.

Trick#2: Personalize The Emails

Personalization has earned Android over a billion active users. This means people love personalized products & service? Remember my reaction when Amazon sent me email with slashed prize of the laptops I was considering to buy?

Dig into your subscriber’s data and figure out how you can personalize the email marketing campaigns for them. I cannot help you do all of that but I can give some ideas to so.

  • Begin with using first name in the email body.
  • Look for the items your subscribers added to card & did not check out.
  • Create surveys asking what type of content users want.
  • Consider demographics, time zone, sex, age and their behavior on your website/blog(like comments or sign ups)

But, personalization will need knowing your subscribers which is in clash with privacy policies. So before you get involved in knowing your subscribers, spend some time create policy to keep you and your business safe.

Trick #1: Utilize AI

I’m not a huge fan of AI, but I’d still talk about it. E-comm big shots like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay, Wallmart are heavily investing on artificial intelligence. AI would read & learn about the user behaviours and triger emails accordingly.

Furthermore, AI will make the email marketing even more smooth. AI will learn the user behaviors, personalize the whole email body and even send it. Sure, this will come at a price, US expects 2.7 billion as investment in automated email marketing by 2025. Just 7 years from now, the marketing will be flooded by a bomb of money on AI for email marketing.

Adobe is working on AI based email marketing tool that will learn from the existing & historical email campaign data. Adobe conducted studies on the tool and found that the end users opened 80% of the work emails & 60% of all personal emails.

Also, AI will keep learning the behavior and hence get even better with time.

Final Thoughts on SEO Trends in 2019

I’m sorry If you were expecting a huge list of things to focus on in 2019. This post was purely dedicated to the unsung hero of the digital marketing verse. I’ve found email marketing as the best channel to market your content as just a little higher cost than content marketing.

Unlike content marketing, email has a personal touch and a trust worthy channel. You get to personalize each and every email you send to your subscriber. SERPs are great, but nothing is even close to email inbox. No rankings, no algorithm BS.

To your surprise, there are few affiliate marketers who solely depend on email marketing to make everything they’re making right now. Investment? a couple of hundred dollars a year and few hours a day.

So if you are budding blogger or marketer right now, I’d encourage you to shift a little bit of focus and time on email marketing. I’m sure this post has made you feel excited of all the possibilities in parallel to your idea.

To end this guide, I’d like to share hand-picked email marketing guides that will help grow your knowledge even further.

Lastly, I have a mailing list which you can join to get fresh content right in your inbox. I share updates, offers and much more through email. That’s the closest I can get to you. Also, I have a channel on your favourite messaging app, Telegram. Join the channel to get tips, tricks & quick notes on everything digital marketing. I’m upfront active there.

Originally published at on January 3, 2019.

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