Programming: Best language to begin with for a newbie in 2017

What’s trending in the industry and what’s the take for beginners from it.

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With first quarter of the year nearing an end it’s again a golden question coming up in the aspiring developer’s minds which is the best language in 2017 to begin with? and this post is to share insights of the same. Among all the deep rooted programming languages prevailing in the computer science industry there are few languages who took least time to be a really tough competition.

Be it scripting for server end or designing a website or even a bot, Python would make it. Python, since it’s inception since 20th Feb 1991 has been favorite for many. The way it makes it really easy for developers to right the code is really fantastic. Best part of python is that it’s is more or less like talking in English with the computer, yes it’s that simple. Using python is this straight and sharp. You don’t have to import libraries, no strict syntax. No more red alerts on forgetting a semi colon. Python is build in such way that it gives the developers power to build what they intent to and not what compiler is okay with. However, there are hater of python for many personal & comfortable reasons. Being too simple is a sin, and so is python. Being so simple to begin with, gives python a a extra mile to win. Beginning with python also is helpful to understand the orthodox king language, C++

An article on skilledup shares a logically important reason of why to get started with python and not any other programming language. This article also share some amazing insights of the career growth of python developers. Having even a freelance experience of python will get a handsome salary and a permanent job.

Benefits of learning & Using Python

#1 Smooth & light: Python is the easiest language to begin with. For a total laymen, it would be a little (Just a little) challenging but once got used to it. It won’t be bothering to engage with language. The syntax is not that strict (but obviously logical) what takes a four-five lines of code in rest of the language takes just few words here in python.

#2 Fast & Accurate: Python has a interpreter in place which makes it really fast to check for the correctness of the code written. Almost all the syntax is similar to what we have in rest of the languages but the really fast and efficient interpreter makes python most preferred language to begin with.

#3 Highly paid: I was not surprised to know that python is one of the most used languages for software solutions in companies like google, Facebook, IBM, NASA and much more. And since these companies have adapted the language it has to be special and highly critical. What if you acquire mastery & great command over the language ? Sounds rich right ? It indeed is, because average salary paid to python developer is $110K/year.

#4 It’s Open Source: It’s a trend these days of having a most powerful tool that helps build tools, Open source. So is python the IDE is free to download from the official site. The site has the documentation to understand the language, but that ain’t fully helpful never-mind the crowd already present in the industry with amazing technical skills. Python will never lose the grip it has already got. At least not in near future and as the near future comes it will definitely be extended further. A certified python developer is nothing but a blessing to the companies. One such specialization is served by Udemy, check it our here. Not only to begin with, python is worth all the money.

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