Planning to hire an SEO? Here’s the selection process that will get you the best SEO for you.

SEO is an integral part of an online business, choose the best for it.

Okay so your business is growing in length and breadth and you need professional SEO guidance to keep up the rank of your website. You are told by someone to hire an SEO but not sure how? You’re already occupied with building content/products/services and hence have little to no time do the SEO.

You must be desperately looking to hire an SEO but are overwhelmed by too much of information, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. This post is to solve your need of hiring an SEO expert.

Here you will find advice to hire a good SEO rather than hiring a bad SEO who can miserably screw up your business. Maybe you are already paying a handsome amount of money but not getting positive results or maybe getting your website penalized? Hiring an SEO is really important for your business. As important as hiring a lead developer, designer or even a CEO. A search engine optimizer (SEO) is responsible for making or breaking your site rank, clients, customers, leads or users.

Not necessarily, only a well-established business needs SEO to be the best. Even a day old websites need SEO to keep improving in terms of user base and traffic. If you are planning to start a website or online business, you better read till the end of the guide.

Without taking further time, let me share the tips & tricks to hire an SEO for your business.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. If your intention is to rank quickly then this guide is not for you. Ever since I have had myself as SEO consultant I have learned one major thing about SEO — SEO is slow.

If done right, slow SEO will bring big results. However, it depends on how is it done. SEO is the bridge between high visibility and your product(s). With SEO, you can not only reach great, greater or greatest heights but also effectively retain the existing user base.

SEO is all about doing what the search engine recognizes with respect to users. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu put the users in the front seat and hence you as a publisher should focus on user experience so as to rank well in the SERPs.

Role of an SEO

A successful SEO will help you plan the roadmap of your online business and will help you place the right foot forward. There are frequent updates in the search engine algorithm and an SEO helps your site stay up to date on the search engine algorithm grounds.

Search engine optimizer is responsible to

  • Place your website on the top spot in a right way. Where all the results are unbiased, including yours.
  • Designs a really great user experience on your website, especially those coming from the search engine.
  • Plots the SEO practices from search results, clicking on it and eventually converting them to potential customers.
  • Implements white hat SEO techniques (best and legal practices) like meta tags per page, alt text etc.
  • Update existing pages in case there are any traffic drops.
  • Do keyword research for upcoming posts or existing ones as per the current rankings
  • Design SEO friendly web pages as and when required
  • Perform on page and off page SEO activities
  • Competitor analysis for keywords, domain, pages, posts and a lot more website entities.

SEO is a very vast practice and cannot be performed as a regular activity. However, if you are an individual business owner you can manage the basics of SEO on your own but the technical SEO is not that easy to put hands in without experience.

General process to hire an SEO

There are basically 4 steps whether or not to hire an SEO.

  • A two-way interview: To check if they are interested in your existing business.
  • References: Check their past work (if any)
  • Technical audit: This is to know how well they are familiar with SEO best practices.
  • Decide if you want to hire.

Let us break down each of the process steps one by one.

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