Lead Generation made easy: Ultimate guide on getting started with OptinMonster

And flooding traffic/sales/subscribers to your website/blog

  1. Why is lead generation important?
  2. How to generate leads?
  3. What is OptinMonster
  4. How to get started with OptinMonster?
  5. What does OptinMonster do for customers?
  6. Final thoughts

What is Lead Generation & why is it important?

The practice of building a user base is called Lead Generation. The user base would be useful to target your products, direct them to latest updates, invite them surveys, inform them about an offer and what not? Once you have a list, you can keep pulling the users to your website/blog.

Why is Lead Generation important?

As aforementioned, a user base is required to get returning traffic, get quality exposure regularly, and sell product/service. But that’s not exactly why Lead Generation is important, it’s much bigger than that.

How to generate leads for your business?

There are a ton of ways to generate leads in this era of the internet. While more than half of the human population has access to the internet, it was never easy to grow your business that it is right now. Out of those tons of ways, here are some of the most inexpensive yet efficient ways to generate leads for your business:

#1 Outbound/Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a classic example of Lead Generation, where you attract potential customers via content marketing. Be it videos, blog posts, infographics, or webinars/seminars.

#2 Find leads online

This one is pretty obvious. The Internet has made the data world denser and denser. However, the internet has also made it easier for a marketer to promote their business online. Platforms like Quora, Medium, Reddit will help you get that initial boost while you are baby walking towards getting organic traffic from search engines. You can use any platform that’s accessible by the internet. It just takes a creative mind to get that thing done.

#3 Email Marketing

Again mainstream method, but Email Marketing is still the number one channel to reach out to potential customers. Build a list, write amazing email copies and broadcast. Even if a small percentage of those recipients turn up, you’re not at loss. They say that every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get $38 ROI on average. If this isn’t motivating enough, I’m not sure what is.

What is OptinMonster?

OptinMonster, as the name suggests, is a lead capturing tool that’s lightweight, efficient and affordable. Lead can be anyone you want your visitors to your website/blog to be. The inexpensive tools help you grow user-base and revenue. Since it’s inception back in 2013, OptinMonster has been helping small business to fortune 500 companies to capture leads and grow their business in numbers.

Getting started with OptinMonster

OptinMonster helps you create marketing campaigns that not only capture user details but also increase revenue by exponential percentage.

Step 1. Create a campaign

Once you’ve created the account, log in to dashboard and press Create Campaign button.

Step 2. Edit your campaign

The editor that comes with OptinMonster is super easy yet powerful enough to come up with exact optin form to capture leads. Make sure you save the changes you make as you go along with the editing. ‘Save’ button on the top right corner would do the thing.

Step 3. Choose display rules

This is an important step, as this will make or break your lead capturing campaign. This will also require a lot of A/B testing and a lot of experiments. With display rules, you can decide who will see your lead capturing campaign and when. To edit that, click on Display Rules section in the campaign editor screen.

Step 4. Integrating email marketing software

OptinMonster integrates with all top email marketing software like MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, GetResponse, InfusionSoft etc. If you are a pure beginner and do not have a deep budget to invest, MailChimp is the best email marketing software for you. It’s efficient, and it’s free for first 2000 subscribers.

Step 5. Publish the campaign

The display rules, amazing campaign pop up and the email list integrations have given wings to your campaigns. It’s time to fly. Just click Save and then click Publish.

  • MonsterLink that can let any with the link access that particular campaign
  • Shopify, which you can use to show campaigns on your Shopify store
  • WordPress

Add campaign to WordPress

Bonus: Utilize Exit-Intent and Yes/No forms

Exit-Intent has featured technology of OptinMonster that detects if the user is about to exit your website/blog. However, these two features are available only for Pro plan users.

How to use Exit-Intent

You can enable this setting from Display Rules » When should campaign appear? » On Exit-Intent and enable it.

How to use Yes/No campaigns?

This is a separate campaign type which you can find in the create campaign screen.

What does OptinMonster do for its customers?

Considering the time OptinMonster has been around, it’s astonishing how it has been powering hundreds of thousands of websites. The conversion rate for OptinMonster itself is so high that they’ve become an epitome of success in terms of conversion. Which is the very essence of the company. Here are some success story that OptinMonster has felicitated.

Final thoughts on getting started with OptinMonster

It doesn’t really matter if you are running a blog on blogger, or e-commerce site owner or a pro blogger who wants to convert something out of every visitor coming to your site. OptinMonster will just the justice to you. Furthermore, if you are simply wanting to grow your traffic and the user base, you can definitely reap some profits from this amazing tool. The mobile-friendliness of this tool is fantastically reliable. The popups function as perfect as they do on a desktop.

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