How to rank higher in search results?

Science of niche, content and SEO.

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First of all, it’s never easy to rank higher in the search result. Better adhere to SEO techniques higher you rank. Niche are no way related to the rank. Your content, design and stats are directly related. However niche do help you get those extra figures in revenue if it is one among those loved by google. However I’d not call it a biased , it’s just logically supported and preferred list from google.

Now, coming to the question. To climb up the search result rank one has to adhere to certain workstyles.

Be consistent: No matter what your niche is, no matter what you serve. There’s always someone looking for information. If you serve what people are looking for rather than serving what you know, then you’re surely going to have loyal readers. Once you know what you need to serve, serve it consistently. There are millions of blogger with billions of websites. Competition is tough, but there are techniques that will surely push you up on the search result page. By being consistent I mean publishing consistently (I’d suggest daily at least 2 posts) because more you publish more you are visible to search engine, more search engine knows your site higher it ranks. how you can quickly write blog post quickly. To make this even more clear I’ll briefly explain how search engine works. In case not known completely, this is good to know information. Ignore if already known.

Search engine have crawlers (google bot in case of google search engine) crawling across the web. Links,pages, content, images, videos, maps, gifs crawlers sees all. Our focus is on links and content. Crawlers scans the content and reports it to search engine which in turn indexes your content (if found relevant by google AI) to the search result page. Having said this it is clear that more the crawler visits your site and finds new content more are the chances of your site ranking higher.

Be active: Once you have consistent publishes it’s time to promote your content. Social media is hub for such promotions. Join relevant groups, follow pages that means helpful to your content. Place ads on social media (my all time favorite is Facebook) share it as much as you can. Quora & medium is another amazing place to get backlinks from. Posting relevant content and placing links of your content without spamming the readers is the best way to utilize this amazing platform. Rest all social media is totally amazing too. It depends on how you use it. Backlinks from such platforms are nothing but blessings. Spend time on this and you will see the result.

These were non-technical factors you work upon to shoot up on search result. Let’s take a look at technical factors. From SEO stand point there are multiple factors that directly effect your ranking. I’ll take the most important here.

Content: Focus on content, no doubt the keywords are building blocks of blog post but the keywords too are part of the content. Hence it becomes highly important to focus on content. If content is appealing enough, the visits, backlinks, social media engagements and good quality traffic will fall in place with lesser efforts. It is the content that make the search engine bring the reader to your site. Make wise decision while preparing your content.

Keywords: Content being brain of blog post, keywords are heart. With proper keywords implanted in the post you are actually leaving baits for search engine(s) and making it more & more relevant for the search query from end user. Since end users search mostly in long tail keywords (most of the time) it is recommended to have long tail keywords in right proportion. Here’s a detailed on why keywords are important for blog posts.

Mobile friendly: Study says that more than 80% of search is done on mobile phones & tablets. And I need not say how important it is to focus on mobile-friendliness of your site. There are various tips & tricks covering this topic on the web. Focus on it and act on it. A high ranking mobile-friendly site (on mobile) are more likely to rank up on a computer too.

Backlinks: As said earlier it is very very important to have backlinks from highly populated platforms like quora, facebook, twitter and any such platform to name. Build a large amount of source for backlink on various platform. It is completely up to you on how effectively you build backlinks and without spamming readers. Consider this as a part of blogging. As you have more or less similar options available to create backlinks (writing and videos majorly) and creating source for backlinks and blogging goes in parallel.

Shareable content: With this I again emphasize on having amazing content, appealing enough to make the reader share your post. When it comes to sharing I myself am very particular of what I share. Since what I share becomes answerable at my level. So if you have quality content, readers won’t hesitate sharing the same. Have convenient way of sharing your content (specially over mobiles) and ample number of options too. Never under estimate any platform, you never know which platform has a surprise traffic growth for you. Have all major platform in sharing list under the post.

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