How to earn big from Instagram ?

In the previous post we saw how useful and easy Instagram is for boosting our businesses with little effort of reaching people based out of our business location. In this post we’ll see how amazingly you can turn your Instagram account into 4 digit earning machine(to begin with). Subsequent sections have amazing numbers & tips waiting for you, see you there.

We have come across posts which has more likes than our bank balances or sometimes looking like a telephone number, I’ve seen a post from NatGeo with 6 digit likes, (Yeah it’s common thing for them, getting any less is a surprise) and sometimes 7 digits too. NatGeo doesn’t need to monetize a post so viral, it’s for us. We can monetize our popularity on Instagram. Let’s begin to see how ?

When I began blogging, I always wanted a group/page with huge number of likes and followers, I still do. But then I thought, once I build the huge audience “what next?” how would I earn out of it ? Lesser did I know that having a huge number of followers or likes will bring you huge business opportunity with ease. And now that I know, I’m in that race too. I did not have anyone to guide me back then, and hence this article.

How to build a 10K audience army on Instagram.

Before we jump into number game we need to know that Instagram is more than just a photo sharing tool, it’s real business now. There are basic 4 step to get started with building army of followers:

#1 Professionally casual Bio:

This works 8 out of 10 times, if you have a appealing bio the views is half convinced. Whenever someone sees a good photograph, he/she tend to navigate to your profile (to follow, obviously) and there they look at the bio and a fairly & creatively descriptive bio can work brilliantly in you favor.

#2 Regular posts:

Apart from your paid posts, you ought to be really active on Instagram. Posting your own posts to keep your audience engaged with you is a good-to-do thing so that when you post a paid post, the response are really amazing. And it’s logical that in order to be alive in the race you ought to perform consistently, every time- NO EXCEPTION !!

#3 Create something magical:

Instagram being picture oriented social network, viewers expect something magical from publishers. Once you show what you can do with a camera in your hand, they’re meant to follow you. So one question would come up that what if someone is not into photography ? Learn it, doesn’t take more than a month to call yourself a photographer with a little more than basics known by you. Buy a good camera, or you can also create any view-able (image or video) content to grab attention of viewer, it’s all up to you. Pull up your socks, groom your creativity and show case it. It’ll pay off soon.

#4 Cover maximum ground:

As mentioned in previous post we saw how important it is to position your post wrt location and tags so as to reach maximum audience (this is to be done always, in order to keep increasing the followers count). Plan your caption well, it really matters a lot.

So you’re half way through now, so sweet of you and now the platform’s set, play is ready, lets rock it then.

Did you know?

Having ~10k followers on Instagram is enough to get you around £4500(in UK) a year. From Nike to amazon, few of big shots have enrolled for Instagram’s Ads program, having seen this I sense an amazing opportunity to turn your presence on Instagram as guest into a monetizing one. With over 300 million active users per day you can do wonders being there.

Mission monetization

Finally the golden list is being unveiled. There you go..

Affiliate Marketing:

Common and easiest way to monetize your Instagram account is affiliate marketing. Since Instagram doesn’t support clickable links anywhere, affiliates program from Amazon and other E-commerce sites are not applicable right now. For now what you can do is have a blog, get it approved for affiliate and using Instagram diver that traffic to your blog and you’ll get a sale done each time. Apart from this you can approach brands active on Instagram show case your account, get it approved and advertise their products and bang !! you’re earning now. This is also called sponsored posts. This can be anything, advertising a brand’s product or promoting a account for getting more followers. Pricing is flexible and left up-to you.

Sell your work:

Everyone is good at something or the other, I’m sure you too are- time to flaunt it guys. Having such a huge following shouldn’t go unused. Be it anything like cakes, clothes, craft work, photographs or product & service for that matter. If you know to tie a shoe-lace differently which gives a much better end result, FLAUNT IT I SAY !! even if 10% of your audience turn-up, imagine how much you’ll make out of each post. And if you are owning a business over the web or a local shop in California or any beautiful place on earth, Instagram will take care. Ultimate would be you sell you Instagram account (obviously not your personal one, may be yes if you want). Once you have followers it’s totally your mind at action to bring in revenue to you.

Engage with your followers

This is little cheaky to understand, but we’ll make it through. Engaging and revenue cannot function together, right ? Wrong !! The more you engage with your followers the more likely it is that you can sell them anything you want. It’s just the matter of approach. For example, organizing a give away for your followers. A contest or something that will win one of them something for free from your side, and in return come up some idea that will cover up the investment you made for the give away. May be you can use this approach for promoting a paid post. With this give away thing in place, maximum of your followers will be engaged in this paid post which is really good.

Generate another pipeline:

Once you are a hit with one account, it’s time for you to rock Instagram again with a new account and may be a different theme all together. New service, new crowd and everything new. Promote new account on the older and hit one, it won’t take much time for the new account to cross milestone(s). And one you have, do the same again and revenue is multiplied now. Keep creating such pipelines and try to cover at most among the services possible.

Buy a account or two:

This would sound too much for now but that’s really gonna help multiplying the revenue. Once you buy a account, you can promote your paid posts to already existing but totally new crowd. Idea is- to reach maximum number of people in a way that they cannot ignore your posts. It’s like taking over a company who’s manpower is useful for your business.

This brings me to the conclusion saying that Instagram is now focusing on ads and it’s perfect time to reach a level where each post from you will be chargeable to advertisers. What if the business structure of Instagram becomes PPC (per post cost) too ? Why not get ready for the change and make the most of this opportunity.

Share this with your friends and relatives, this might be just what they wanted to get rich.

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