How to become mentally strong

And continue being mentally strong

Becoming mentally strong, requires you to sacrifice a hell lot of things.

Being mentally strong is not generic. You’d be mentally for certain things, and weak for some things. Be it deliberately or helplessly, you cannot be mentally strong for everything. It’s impossible. There will always be a point of weakness, but that is perfectly fine. That make us feel alive.

So let’s see what can help you become mentally strong.

Since this question is super generic, I’ll try to answer it as generic as possible. So as per my observation and experience, there are three ways by which you can become mentally strong for almost anything under this universe.

Let’s see each of them

#1 Find what you want

This is a tough step, at times. You’d need to be super strong observer. For example, a lot of people find it difficult to find their passion for which they want to become strong mentally.

I had this friend of mine who was struggling in his well set job. He was earning well, but wasn’t happy. He didn’t like the job, and the the people too. He is still finding it difficult to find his passion. He cannot sit ideal thinking of finding his passion right?

What I told him is, if he’s not able to find his passion, develop one. Trust me, it works everytime. Just find what interests you which you never saw as a profession. Work on it to improve your skills and be the best at it.

Once you find it, just accept it with all your heart. This will boost your confidence like anything.!

#2 Do whatever it takes

This step is even more difficult. Finding what you want to do is not that difficult as doing whatever it takes is.

If you haven’t put enough efforts to find what you want, i.e. if you already knew about it then you’d save some energy and time.

If not, get ready to get exhausted. Above putting efforts in knowing what you want, you have to put efforts on doing whatever it takes to do that.

And trust me, it’s not gonna be easy. There will be failures, there will be criticism, there will be haters, demotivators and selfish people who degrade you to the core.

This exercise is the best one to become mentally strong. As you’re dealing with physical and mental workout.

Say you want to get rid of those belly fats. You’d need to set you mind for stopping at nothing less than fatless belly or a ripped body or whatever your goal is.

End result should be your destination, nothing in between.

#3 Do not compare

Toughness level upgraded. The toughest part of all three steps. You found what you want, you’re putting efforts to get it done. But if you end up comparing your results with others, you’ve already lost half the battle.

Comparing is the main reason why so many dreams get thrashed forever. Comparing isn’t bad unless you’ve got competition similar to you in all terms. Which is as rare as the AB- blood group.

I personally hate comparing my progress with anyone. My previous best is what I compete with, everytime. This way, the only way I’ll progress is up. Because unless I beat my previous best, I’d not stop. As competition is all about winning, I’ll keep progressing.

There are chances that you might have a competition who’s similar to you in almost all senses. But there will be one little thing that gives them upper hand, and they’ll always be better than you.

These 3 things sound easy, but when put in implementation, you’d freak out on how difficult it is. The end result of these exercises is a super strong mindset that’ll lead to the destination/goal you’ve set at first place.

For someone who’s not into this space, might not know how powerful these exercises are.

But I’ve shared my personal experience and trust me, I’ve got super powerful results. You’d be amazed to see changes in you. Though these exercises do not seem related to becoming mentally strong. But each of these exercises needs you to be mentally strong at increasing degrees.

Keep doing it, you’d find great results.

Thanks for reading :)

I hope I’ve answered your question the way you expected it to be answered.

All the best for your future.

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