Herd Mentality- it’s followrism era.

Be yourself, everyone else is taken

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Once upon a time being unique was so common each one was unique in so many ways. People made their own choices, they stood for their choices and made sure that it happened as the way they planned, one of the reason why history saw so many leaders , who were so unique that it made their existence in present valuable enough that people can talk about their uniqueness with so much of interest.

For the past 5–10 years, the world is so much changed in terms of technology, trends, styles, and many things that define a present human being. Having a social network account is no big surprise these days, not having one is very strong means to be the point of attraction. Social Account is the new cool in this era of internet, as the saying goes “The internet has shortened the world” and “internet has brought us together”. Now a days , uniqueness is the one among many rarest thing that people long for these days. There is serious mental disease running through all of us, Herd Mentality. This is running through almost all people on any of the social network. A series of experiments shows that when people aren’t given strong and appealing choice, they tend to mimic others around them. This is what happening on the social network these days, people blindly like pages or follow it which has many likes/followers, just because it has huge number of likes/followers.

People like pictures, albums, songs, pages with this mentality in them. Personally i feel i do this, be it any social network , I see the number of likes/followers and then take further action. Online retailers makes very good use of this, we all must have seen “user who bought this product, also purchased this product” section on shopping sites, or may be app store for instance. They use it as tool to get more and more buyers. From psychological perspective, humans these days tend to believe anything if same thing is said by more than 4 people, if few hundred of people have a bought a product , you are more likely to buy it than any other product. Herd Mentality in other words is following the crowd without any second thought in mind. We can say Trends are result of this very mental disease. Anything that goes viral is a result of this mentality only. It gives credence to the high pressure pitch that “Everyone’s doing it”. Remember we used to fight, when teacher scolds us to stay silent when the whole class was talking ?

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How to avoid Herd Mentality

Be it a shopping site or plan for a birthday party, deciding based on your observations of what others are doing is obviously not a right approach. Here are five cool ways keep the uniqueness in you alive

1. Stop being on auto-pilot

Stop before making any choice, else you will end up doing what people have commonly done already. Consider other options, Instead of conducting research for our own, we’ll end up looking around and simply copy what we see. Once we’re aware of this natural tendency of going with “Social Default” , we’ll be more conscious in considering more choices than regular.

2. Make choices with presence of mind and consciously

Be bold in your choice, don’t blindly say “I’ll do what they’re doing”, researches show that when people knew that they’ll have to justify their choices, they are less likely to blindly mimic other people. Show off yourself among the crowd, uniquely identifiable. Educate yourself for this very thing, so that you don’t fall under the herd category.

3.Take your time for deciding

In an experiment conducted, 96% of the participants ended up copying others when pressurised to hurry up in making choices out of many. Take time in making your choice at least spend time for your choice so that you can justify your choices, even if it might turn out to people thinking you’re fool , since you’re taking time. Just because everyone else is making quick decision doesn’t mean they know the best.

4.Don’t let stress over power your decision making skills.

3 out of 5 people mimic at times of stress, when you’re mind is wandering around in some other world and when you aren’t mentally present where you are physically present, you are likely to copy from what’s happening around. Know the risk and if possible put off the decision making time till your mind is back in your control.

5.Getting a focus on you.

In an attempt to get known, people are more likely to copy the more known people so that they can get the focus. Or may be to fit into a crowd, we tend to copy the common thing in crowd and reflect back so that the crowd can accept you. But successful people do not imitate the crowd, they dare to be different and get the focus by doing similar things differently.Make sure you’re smart enough to evaluate your uniqueness with respect to others and don’t fall like other did.

Share this so that each one of us creates another unique and equally awesome person for us and among us.

Sources: Forbes

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