“Good guys”- endangered species.

Either they've stopped loving or they are safe In your friendzone.

“Good guys” are endangered species now, thanks to people who laughed and questioned “good guys” way of loving. Thanks to people who took them for granted, no matter what happens “Good guys” will remain good. No matter what they won’t stop loving, no matter what they won’t stop caring and forgiving. Because good guys consider relationships more important than their ego and self respect. Good guys will forgive almost everything done by people who matter to them.

Good guys are expected to be available whenever in need but they are left alone when they need. Good guys are ready made friend material, totally safe to be with but no chance of love, because they are “Good guys”. “Good guys” seems fantasy because they all are in friendzone, which is looked upon only when betrayed by “not-so-good-guys”. They are the “road not taken”.

“Good guys” are last option, they are childish. They are not that expressive, they think of people who matter to them first, than thinking of themselves. They're shy, they're afraid of losing people they love. They're mostly ambivert. They can do anything to save the relationship. Good guys respect the people they like, never they'll emote out how bad they feel because of absence of people they badly need to be with. Here's where advantage is taken most of the time. They'll take the blames, behave stupid to please you, make you smile. They'll understand your silence, and love you back.

They're so good at times that they themselves hate being good. They're forgotten in good times and remembered when I need. And my god, they're available everytime they are needed. They'll never stop being good, because they're “good guys”.

There's a thin line between pervert and dead, that's where these “good guys” reside.

I’ve tried describing ”Good guys” so that they can be recognized and adored. Next time when you meet a good guy, give him a hug and never let them go. I’m a really bad human, and I know the value of being good. Irony is everyone wants to be with a “good guy” but no one wants to be good. It’s like wanting to live in heaven but without dying.

Originally answered at quora.

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