Dear Hardwork, I have something to tell you


Me: You freaked me out when you came for the first time. I had no idea what I am supposed to do. It was a first time experience, with no idea I began growing with you. And with no idea you being with me, I was unnoticingly growing.

You became the only option to survive, either I do you or die. It was really difficult to understand you. I had no one to ask help for since I myself didn’t know how to tell, what and to whom. Unknowingly I was doing you, it was the high school when I first met you. I thought we’ll never meet after that. But you had different plans with me. Remembering the times when I was coping up with you, I learned that doing something I never did was actually possible. I had no knowledge, I had no skills, I was blank a wave. You built me into what I am today.

I was mindful then, doing you I became mindful. You were seriously simple but since I was afraid of you that made me feel that you’re very tough for me. Maybe the fear of losing during the course of doing you gravitated me. I hated you so much, enough that I made up my mind to be a failure than doing you and be a champion. All these years I criticized you but you, you never left me. It’s years since I met you, you don’t seem to leave me. You held me while growing, you are holding me when I’m grown. You gave me success, you helped me retain it.

Not one stone you left unturned to bring me to the level where I can sit back, relax and enjoy what I’ve achieved. Limits were history and targets were future. I get to see a newer me every time you make me do something new. I learned how to think and turn that thinking into action. While being with you I learned to set goals and you took me beyond those goals.

Now that I’ve seen what you had for me & tasted success like never before. I feel ashamed but I must say, Thanks a ton. Thanks for being there with me, thanks for pulling me every time I stopped doing you. I had my goals but you had the direction for me. I had my limits but you gave me targets. I had the energy you used it the right way. I had enthusiasm you gave the shape. I had disappointments you poised on me with hope. I had ideas you gave the vision.

I owe you all my achievements. I know, with you by my side I can get any feat. I know I can blindly rely on you for all I aspire. I know where I want to go & you’ll give the direction. One, my determination and two your presence is all that’s needed to become what I’ve always dreamt of. Thank you and I love you. I love what I’m becoming into.

I said all this, Hard work smiled and said one golden line.

Hard Work: Life was all set to give you whatever you wanted but I had the task of making you stronger.

Over to you. Do you also feel the same upon working hard to make the most of your skills and time? How harmonized are you with yourself? Let me know in comment section below.

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Originally published at on October 5, 2017.

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