Best business benefits of Instagram for driving strong traffic.

Unnoticed benefits of Instagram that can bring you amazing results for your business.

Well well well, in the heat of competition Instagram has rolled out it’s probably the biggest update of all times and it’s the “ ” for accounts on Instagram. Having done this, you can actually create a digital office on their platform with all sought of interactions with customers, that too 24*7. Irrespective of the geographical location, you can now interact with customers at ease. We’ll see how to create a business profile on Instagram in subsequent sections of this article, make sure you read it till the end. We too love things we see and find it attractive, don’t we ? Instagram took the most effective sense as base of their business model. And yeah, it goes without saying that visual content are the most trusted by people.

The numbers game!!

Considering the huge popularity of Instagram, let’s explore what makes it so famous and can’t-be-without app ? So if numbers are to believed(trust me, it’s genuine one) then there are over 500+ million monthly active users, just a little over 300 million users active on daily basis. 95+ million photos a day, which comes around 216,000 photos a minute, 4.2 bn likes a day. Phew, a lot to handle right ? Now imagine with such a huge user base, how awesome would your business grow on Instagram ? Massive right ? This art will walk you through on how to gain the attention of people active on Instagram and boost your business, and it’s really easy to understand and implement.

Benefits of being active on Instagram.

Now you know, that Instagram is not just a photo editing app and lot more than that. Instagram has largest user base only after Facebook, may be that’s the reason why Facebook bought the company for just $1 billion and that’s over $37 billion now, the says. And this was back in 2015, guess where would it’s worth has reached today. Instagram is worthy for a reason. Let’s find out how can a business get traffic on Instagram?

I assume you and/or business have , if not get it now itself it doesn’t take more than a minute to get in front of billions of eyes.

Ways to boost your business on Instagram

This is really creative and little challenging one. As you have guess it to reach the right audience. Hastags are user defined links to photos with same hashtag. If a user is adding a post to existing hashtag, it’ll just be added to the list under that hashtag or else if the user has created a new hashtag series, all posts under that hashtag will fall under it automatically once they mention it in their caption. I know it’s little confusing, people active on twitter would understand it better. To be precise hashtags are user way of creating library of photos/posts or may be a common label for photos. Hashtag is now on almost all social platforms, be it Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

So here’s what you can do, while surfing on Instagram search anything(related to your business) that comes to your mind with a hashtag. I’m sure that you’d get ample number of useful results from 3–4 of your searches. Trust me hashtags are really really powerful if used in right way and frequently. Say you got a hashtag that’s of your use, what next ? Reach maximum people who have posted pictures with that hashtag by either following them or DM(direct message).DM is not a good option for now on Instagram, this is out of my experience but still you can do it if you feel so, follow people and let them know about your business’s presence on Instagram and there are very high chances that people will follow you/your business back. And once they do, they’ll be updated about your business whereabouts and you’re through. Constantly doing this activity will get you enough user base to boost your business to a dream level. Now you are left with only one job after you have a good number of user base — .

The easiest the two powerful ways to build a user base. Just tap the search icon on the app, enter the location(where your business is located) and there you go. You get all the photos and that’s it. Do the same thing again, reach people by following them or DM and let them know about your presence. Make sure you have your business added on google maps(this will help people easily find your business location while posting a picture on Instagram.Next time when people tag your business location on Instagram, it will reach their friends, their friends, their friends and so on. With this happening, you have nothing to do for your promotion then. All you have to do is mark your business location on google maps and have at least one picture posted with your location tagged. Rest will be taken care by Instagram. But obviously you have to do the task of reaching out to people and show your presence presence to them.I’ll mention it again, once you’ve attained the feat of having a good user base, engaging content, you obviously gotta be little creative to utilize this amazing tool to the max.

Having done this, you can bring whole new level of success for you business with just doing what’s mentioned above. Imagine this, you publishing a photo and 300+ million people get to see it, wouldn’t this be a really huge thing to have for your business? Constantly doing this will get you huge numbers of followers and once you have the followers growing, every post of yours will show up in feed of each and every follower and that’s really good thing for your business. Instagram is seeing a huge shift of official company accounts for their products promotion, stats say 90% out top 100 companies have their accounts on Instagram now for the advertisements.

How to have a business profile on Instagram?

In spite of reaching a good number of audience, what if you don’t have a contact link that directly brings customers into your mailbox, office or through calls. Don’t worry, Instagram has your back, Instagram has recently enrolled a worldwide release of “business profile” which deals with providing a contact button with 3 basics things Address, Email and phone number. Clicking on contact button will show these three options. how you can do this.

I hope you liked this update, stay tuned for a lot to come and do comment with your views on this. Share and let your friends know this too.

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