Applying for Adsense? Things you should do before and after the approval to earn effortlessly.

Unleash the potential of Google Adsense for your benefit

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Things you should know before applying to avoid rejection

Insufficient/unacceptable content: Google Adsense is one of the oldest ad networks and almost every website that exists out there is running Google Adsense ads. Hence Google has made the approval process really very strict. You should have a good quality and quantity of content before applying. If you don’t have content, Google Adsense application will be straightaway rejected. Google lays a lot of weight on grammar and spelling of the content. Since AdSense is one of the major sources of income for Google, no compromise on the quality of websites being approved for AdSense program. At least 30 good quality posts are must for a better chance of getting the application approved.

Things to do before applying for Google Adsense

Write high-quality content: Content is the king. It is the content that brings traffic to your site and hence the revenue. So having a really very good quality content is really important for any applicant to get the approval. As mentioned earlier, Google loves websites that add value to users. Forget the revenue, if your website doesn’t add value to users your website won’t even rank in the google search. Even if you somehow manage to get the approval, the quality of content will not rank and hence will not bring revenue.

  • Simple yet beautiful
  • Well structured menus
  • No useless widgets
  • Search engine optimized
  • Speedy
  • Pirated content
  • Hacking content
  • Drugs or illegal material based content

How to not get your Google AdSense account banned?

So your account is approved. What next? To keep your application ban free, there are certain best practices as follows.

Strategies to improve AdSense revenue

Size/location: Placing your ads above the fold is most fruitful. Try link based ads at prime locations. Both link based and banner-based are same and do not decrease the CTR, it’s just that the location of ads makes the difference in revenue.

Ideal sizes that work the best:

  • 300×250 (the best)
  • 728×90(best for headers
  • 160×160


Undoubtedly Google Adsense has been the favorite among the bloggers. The increase in craze has led to making the approval process stricter with time. The bottom line of a successful approval is the quality of content. If you can provide value to users by your content, Google Adsense is going to make you rich. The preferred niche by Google Adsense is already making a whole living out of Google Adsense. The game has just begun, there’s a lot more to the internet.

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