14 Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins (Freemium & Premium)

The Internet is a small village and the villagers are highly judgemental. They judge your book by it’s cover. While the cover being the social proof. Testimonials add a great value to your social proof. There’s a reason why almost every other online business have testimonials on their homepage and reviews on products from Amazon, eBay, wordpress plugins etc. In this guide, I will help you with understanding about best wordpress testimonial plugins.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.

Marketers and business owners pay a lot of attention on taking reviews from the users. Be it an android app, a product from e-com store, or a service, you are asked to add your reviews. That is to add a social proof. These testimonials are a great tactic for conversion rate optimization that marketers use.

This tactic is a psychological move that you play to leave a good impression on your visitors. Going by stats, testimonials are 12 times more influential than product description. These testimonials add a personal touch for the new visitors to trust your product & service.

Alternatively, consider real-life examples that you see every other day.

  • Products: There are many online stores like Amazon & e-bay. If the price is low, you won’t directly buy it. You’d suspect the price being a low-quality product’s. Hence you check the reviews. Don’t you?
  • Restaurants: You voice search on Google for restaurants, and do you simple finalize the restaurant by looking at the images and menu? Or check for reviews on the food and service.
  • Services: Before you even spend a single penny on buying any service like SEMrush, SERPstat. You check for reviews about the products, the companies using the product and top features.

That’s how it works. Testimonials are crucial input for converting users into customers. These testimonials are all around us. Hence it becomes very important to leverage this on your website to convert better.

Now that you understand the importance of testimonials,

What are the types of testimonials

There are 6 types of testimonials that you can implement on your website for better conversion rate.

  1. Customers — Many service-based businesses showcase their user base on their business website. Especially, the big names come to the top. If you have a product or service that is used by any of the big names in your industry, you can mention their names as part of testimonials.
  2. Experts — Experts in every industry are a great influence to get your product or service reviewed from. Their name on your website will make the visitors lay a lot of trust in your business.
  3. Celebrities — If your budget permits, you can hire any celebrity, collaborate(like Squarespace did with Keanu Reeves) and showcase the world that your product/service is worth consuming.
  4. Numbers — Flaunt the number of users of your product/service to help people trust you better. Even Google relies so much on numbers to attract more customers.
  5. Friends — Indeed friends are a great influence on growing your business. How about having “137 of your friends like Btricks on Facebook”. Testimonials are all about growing user base. Does this help you grow your network? Yes, it does.
  6. Certifications — Credible certificates from a 3rd party that certifies that you/your business is reliable, trustworthy and high-quality. For example, ISO certified companies are great at making their customers feel the trust.

Basics done right. It’s time for knowing the main chunk of this post.

Best WordPress Testimonials Plugins(Freemium & Premium)

#1 WP Customer Reviews (Free)

With 60,000+ active installs and tested up to wordpress version 4.9.5, this plugin is one of the most used testimonial plugins. If your website ranks high in the search engine(s), and you have products/service to trade this plugin will give you better conversion. The reviews your user adds on your blog posts/service/product will be displayed on search engines too. Furthermore, studies have shown that search results with reviews and ratings get 74% more clicks than those without reviews & ratings.

The plugin provides a shortcode for both submission form and the actual testimonials on any page or widget. You get choose which testimonial will appear on your website, you are the moderator. You can customize the look and feel of forms and fields with help of external stylesheets.

It’s lightweight and fast.

#2 Easy Testimonials (Free, Pro)

Next item on this list is Easy testimonials. With 40,000+ active installs and tested up to wordpress version of 4.9.5. Easy Testimonials is an easy-to-use plugin that allows users to add Testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed testimonials into a Page or Post using the shortcode.

Easy Testimonials allows you to insert a list of all Testimonials, output a Random Testimonial, or display a slideshow of Testimonials anywhere on your website. Testimonials support images, making it simple to add a photo of the testimonial author. Easy Testimonials uses schema.org compliant JSON-LD markup so that your testimonials appear correctly in search results.

#3 Testimonial Rotator (Free)

Finally, a really simple way to manage testimonials on your site. Testimonial Rotator has 40,000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. This plugin creates a testimonial and a testimonial rotator custom post type, complete with WordPress admin fields for adding testimonials and assigning them to rotators for display. It includes a Widget and Shortcode to display the testimonials.

#4 Testimonial Slider — Free Testimonials Slider Plugin

Testimonial basics have 3000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. This plugin is easy to setup Testimonial Slider Plugin. Display your Testimonials in a beautiful and Modern Slider. Testimonial Plugin improves user experience and overall look of your website and is completely free.

Testimonial is a WordPress Testimonial plugin with touch for mobile devices. Testimonial displays your blog’s recent Testimonial using a beautiful slider. The testimonial is lightweight touch supported, responsive Testimonial plugin.Simple and easy to use no coding skills required.

#5 Strong Testimonials (Free)

Strong Testimonials plugin have 50,000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. With this easy plugin, you can easily collect and publish testimonials on your website. Highly customizable and flexible plugin can take care of all your reviews and testimonials. Here are some features you will love to have:

  • No complicated shortcodes
  • A front-end form
  • Custom fields
  • Star ratings
  • Slider with several navigation options
  • Grids and Masonry

#6 BNE Testimonials (Free, Pro)

This plugin has 5000+ active installs and tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. BNE Testimonials makes it easy to add Testimonials and Reviews to any Page using a shortcode or in a sidebar (widget area) using the provided widgets. Each testimonial includes a title, image, tagline, website URL, and message. You can also separate your testimonials into different groups (categories). BNE Testimonials will inherit the styling from your theme — just install and get to work adding your testimonials and reviews!

#7 Handsome Testimonials (Free, Pro)

Handsome Testimonials has 2000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.8.6, which is not the latest version. Handsome Testimonials by Ristretto Apps gives you, the WordPress user, super-powers with the ability to magically create great looking testimonials right from the get-go. The plugin comes with modern testimonial designs that can be highly customized.

# 8 Testimonials Showcase(paid)

Testimonials Showcase is a plugin to display testimonials, reviews or quotes in multiple ways. You can display testimonials in grid or slider layouts with help of five built-in theme options. The shortcode generator makes it easy to select customization options and create a testimonial display that matches your desired vision.

Fully compatible with the brand new WordPress v4.9 and Visual Composer!

It’s Perfect to:

  • Display Testimonials from your clients or supporters;
  • Display reviews of your product or service;
  • Display a list of quotes;
  • Link Case Studies.

#9 WP-Testimonials with rotator widget(Free)

This plugin has 9000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. WP Testimonial Plugin with Widget allows you to add testimonials from wp-admin side same like you add a post. Which allows you to display testimonials on your website the easy way. You can quickly add your testimonials with their authors, jobs, pictures, pictures size, Website URL and Position.

#10 Good Reviews (Free)

The plugin has 9000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.8.6, which is not the latest version. With this plugin, you can add reviews and testimonials to your website and easily display them in posts, pages or widgets using a search-engine-friendly Schema markup.

This plugin will output reviews using Schema.org markup to help search engines like Google identify and integrate the reviews with your listing. Here are some top features you should find helpful.

  • Add 5-star or numbered ratings to reviews
  • Add a photo of the reviewer
  • Add a link to the review or the reviewer’s organization to increase credibility
  • Schema.org markup for better SEO
  • Add reviews to any page, post or sidebar
  • Show a single review, all reviews or a category of reviews
  • List reviews or cycle through them with a fader

However, your user cannot add testimonials/reviews on their own. You can have a form that takes reviews and then you can post it as a testimonial.

#11 Testimonials Widget (Free)

This plugin has 50,000+ active installs and is tested up to wordpress version 4.8.6, which is not the latest version. Testimonials Widget lets you randomly slide or list selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images or videos on your WordPress site. You can insert Testimonials content via shortcode, theme functions, or widgets with category and tag selections and having multiple display options such as random or specific ordering.

#12 Genesis Testimonial Slider(Free)

The Genesis Testimonials Slider allows users to add Testimonials to a widget area or to embed them into a page or Post using the shortcode. The testimonials are custom posts with author name, content and image. No more loss of data when switching themes.

Please Note: This plugin is only for Genesis Framework users. Genesis is a premium product by StudioPress. If you do not have Genesis 2.0+ or WordPress 3.6+, the plugin will not activate.

#13 Testimonials (Free, Pro)

This plugin has 3000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. Testimonials is an easy to use plugin that allows users to add testimonials to the sidebar, as a widget, or to embed testimonials into a Page or Post using the shortcode. Testimonials also allow you to insert a list of all Testimonials or output a random testimonial. The testimonial plugin is 100% responsive for all devices.

#14 Testimonial Basics (Free)

Testimonial Basics has 9000+ active installs and is tested for wordpress version 4.9.5. The plugin includes multiple display styles, sidebar widget, and feedback form to collect external reviews/testimonials. When a user submits the testimonial, it uses Gravatar to fetch the client photo.

Final thoughts on best wordpress testimonials plugins

I understand I have given a lot of plugins to choose from and you’d probably be in confusion state of which plugin should you use. However, depending on your requirements, the plugin would vary. This is something that you have to decide.

Either of these plugins are an excellent addon to your website. Furthermore, the prospect of your business would want to see some proof to decide whether or not go ahead with your business. And testimonial does a great job as part of the social proof.

If you want to reap the best out of this social proof consider being honest. Furthermore, 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site with reviews/ratings/testimonials. So why not collect real reviews?

Over to you. What are your thoughts on using testimonials as a social proof? Let me know in the comment section below. Do you know someone who’s looking for this information?

I hope you found this post useful and informative. If yes please share this in your social network. Also, to get updates from this blog and exclusive content, join my mailing list.

Originally published at www.btricks.in on April 22, 2018.

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